Giving to Zion Lutheran Church

Giving money to the church is a primary act of discipleship. When participants in Zion Lutheran Church make a contribution to the church (or set up automated online giving), they are putting their trust in God instead of putting trust in the money itself. Giving is right up there with prayer and service—it’s another way to practice being a disciple.

Ready to contribute?

There are two main ways to give to Zion Lutheran Church:

1. Sunday Offering

Every Sunday, just before Holy Communion, the ushers collect an offering. If you are a regular member, you will receive offering envelopes that you may use to give to the church. If you are not a regular member, you’ll find a general-purpose envelope in your pew. Please note: we certainly don’t expect newcomers to put anything in the offering plate; it’s completely up to you.

2. Online Giving

vancoZion Lutheran Church offers an online, automated giving program through Vanco Payment Solutions, a company that processes more than $13.1 billion in electronic payments annually for faith-based organizations, nonprofits, and professional services companies.

Online giving through Vanco Payment Solutions is easy, safe, and convenient. Participants can set up either a one-time or recurring contribution to the General Fund (which sustains our daily operations, including worship materials, children and youth ministries, staff salaries, and outreach campaigns), the Restoring & Renewing Capital Campaign, the Memorial Gifts Fund, and/or the Jazz Vespers Fund.

Contributions can be debited automatically from your checking or savings account, or processed using your credit or debit card. Setting up a recurring contribution online means not having to remember checkbooks and envelopes.

Click here to go to our online giving page.


If you have questions about giving to Zion Lutheran, please contact financial secretary Barbara Landry by email at or through the church office at (413) 442-3525.