Zion Lutheran Church is an historic Christian community in downtown Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

Founded by a community of German immigrants in 1859, the congregation has expanded, diminished, and diversified over the decades. It now consists of individuals and families of many makeups and from many places, and includes many who did not grow up in a Lutheran church.

As Lutherans, we go about Christianity in a Lutheran way, emphasizing that we are reconciled with God (justified) not by anything we do, but through and because of God’s love, freely given (grace). We love questions more than quick fixes; we read the Bible in a way that honors it as the source and norm of faith, but not as a literal handbook. As Lutherans, we also lift up the gifts and capacity for ministry that everyone holds, and we’re always working to bring those gifts out into our downtown neighborhood for good.

Let’s put this another way: in a world that seems to focus only on where you’re from, who you know, and what you happen to do for a living, we are working to create a different kind of Christian community in downtown Pittsfield—one where you can experience an expansive welcome, genuine grace and forgiveness, love of neighbor, and the Gospel that is truly good news.

Whatever your race, culture, or ethnic background; whether you identify as young or old, single or coupled, gay or straight, cisgender or transgender, financially unsure or financially stable, seeking or certain, confident or doubting, Lutheran or Luther-who?… please know that you have a home at Zion Lutheran Church. Come check us out. In the words of Pastor Tim: “It’s totally worth it.”

For more information:

Zion Lutheran Church of Pittsfield is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), one of the largest progressive Christian denominations in the United States. The Rev. Elizabeth Eaton serves as our presiding bishop. Read more about the Lutheran way of doing Christianity, or read about some of the work of the ELCA.

Zion Lutheran Church is located in the New England Synod, a geographical subset of the ELCA, with congregations, clergy, and ministries spread across six New England states and one county in upstate New York. The Rev. James Hazelwood serves as bishop of the New England Synod.